Leadership is Knowing How to Ask

By:  Maya Hu-Chan, C-Suite Coach, Executive Development Associates, Inc. If there is ever an opportunity to add in an eighth deadly sin, then I am putting my hand up to nominate assumption. In my experience, assumption is already the #1 business sin; the destroyer of deals, the terrorizer of team dynamics – yet it continues […]

Leadership, Loyalty, and a Leader’s Brand

By: Joe Jordan, Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Does one question really tell it all? If it tells the story for a company, can a similar question tell the story for a company’s leaders? In 2003, Bain Consultant Fred Reicheld reported the singular factor most indicative of customer behavior was loyalty, measured by simply asking, […]

A Framework for Effective Organizational Decision-Making

By: Lou Quinto, Leadership Speaker & Executive Coach, Executive Development Associates, Inc. This past weekend I watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In one of the last scenes of the movie, the evil archeologist who is pursuing Indiana Jones finds himself confronted with a decision – “Which chalice is the Holy Grail?” Assuming that […]

How to Manage Your Employees and How to Let Them Go

By:  Bonnie Hagemann, CEO, Executive Development Associates, Inc. When it comes to leading others whether you have a small team or a large one, you may find that managing performance is difficult and moving people off, excruciating.  As the CEO of a consulting firm, I understand this pain as I face the same issues myself, […]

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Building Your Crisis Management Culture

By: Scott Dannemiller, Chief Learning Officer, Executive Development Associates, Inc. If the recent string of cruise ship problems has you changing your vacation plans, you’re not alone. Over the past few years, cruise ships have experienced trouble at sea ranging from power outages to steering problems, not to mention the string of Norovirus outbreaks. The […]

5 Ways to Master Difficult Conversations

By: Rose Cartolari, Sr. Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Many of us will go a long way to avoid conflict, but it is a natural part of work life. My clients estimate that up to 30% of their time is spent dealing with conflicts. In fact, if managed well, conflict can be a source of innovation, […]

Is Conformity Keeping You from Success?

By: Lou Quinto, Leadership Speaker & Executive Coach, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Social conformity is a powerful and hidden motivation that influences our decisions and strategic planning in ways we don’t even realize or understand. It’s called “that’s the way we have always done it.” This is a way of thinking that hinders innovation and […]

Bold & Courageous Leaders Needed

By: Erin Terry, Director of Marketing, Executive Development Associates Have you been fortunate enough to work for leaders who embody courage? What does that look like? How did it make you feel? If put in a similar leadership situation, could you display the same level of courage to lead your team, department, or organization? I […]

Onboarding: Just a Fad or a Key Differentiator?

By: Erin Terry, Director of Marketing, Executive Development Associates You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Yet many organizations ranging from start-ups and small businesses to large government entities and multinational corporations have yet to embrace the importance of onboarding as a critical component of their overall organizational culture. Consider these […]

The Art & Practice of Servant Leadership

By: Sattar Bawany, Managing Director, EDA Asia Pacific & C-Suite Master Executive Coach Increasingly, companies are recognizing that leaders who demonstrate high emotional and social intelligence competencies are crucial to their organizational effectiveness. Why? Because ultimately it is the people within the organization – leaders, managers, and individual contributors at all levels – who must […]