Top 5 online pharmacies in USA

The government should stimulate not only the creation of generics but also the development of innovative pharmaceuticals and, in every possible way, and support companies that are engaged in the development of new, original medicines. However, it does not stimulate companies to cut prices on medications, so customers have to order medicines online, where they cost much cheaper.

CNS Infusion Pharmacy (Rank: 3.5) W 6200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84129, United States | (801) 233-6120

  • Talk about hateful legit just got off the phone with them just asking a simple question, and the lady acted as though nothing I had to say or ask was worth the time it took her to listen just hateful and disrespectful.
  • CNS Infusion Pharmacy and the entire staff are so helpful. They have a good selection of knick-knacks in the store to browse through. My prescriptions are always ready. Once I was unable to drive, and they delivered my medicine to my house in the pouring rain. Not a nicer, more caring staff anywhere

Medicine Center Compounding Pharmacy (Rank: 4.9) 6200 S, Holladay, UT 84121, United States | (801) 278-2101

  • Very competitive prescription drug prices along with knowledgeable and friendly pharmacy staff.
  • The people in Medicine Center Compounding Pharmacy at this location won’t call you when your prescriptions are ready. You can sit down in front of the window waiting, and they still won’t say anything. I dropped off a prescription that was supposed to take 45 mins. I went to pick up my medicine to be told there is an issue with my insurance. No one called to say anything, and then after going to another window, they figured out that my info was put in incorrectly. Wow, I hope they aren’t as careless when filling prescriptions.

Intermountain Cottonwood Clinic Pharmacy (Rank: 4.0), 131 Medical Tower Dr, Murray, UT 84107, United States | (801) 314-2325

  • This pharmacy has the BEST staff, hands down! They are professional, courteous, and caring. Their inventory, such as purses, jewelry, and other things are so nice and cute!
  • I only use Intermountain Cottonwood Clinic Pharmacy as a last resort. There is always an issue with getting my medication after waiting for more than an hour. Two prescriptions, both written today, and after waiting for them to locate the second prescription, they tell me it’s too early to fill by one day. The first one is filled and ready. Today is day 29, so now in the middle of a Pandemic with a mom who has a compromised immune system, I have to put myself and family at risk again tomorrow because of their policy. My doctor is local, and I had my husband off work watching the kids, so it was the closest pharmacy. Next time I’ll take the forty-five-minute drive and go elsewhere. This is hands down By far the worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with on multiple occasions.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Rank: 4.7) W 5415 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84118, United States | (801) 966-4269

  • Omg, y’all! I recommend this pharmacy!!’ Never heard of a pharmacy delivering to your doorstep within the day! And they do all the work for you! My insurance company didn’t take care of one of my prescriptions, and Avita found an alternative route to make sure I was able to get my medicine WITHOUT ME ASKING THEM TO DO ANYTHING! Like how is this the first time hearing about this business! I definitely refer all my friends and love ones to this Viaqx pharmacy.
  • Good place to shop, and it has great staff members who are great and safe for your family to shop. They have food and great service.