THINK Now! Training

ThinkNowProgram Overview

The THINK Now!™ half-day introductory workshop uses interactive exercises and real-world examples to illustrate how a simple, yet practical model of critical thinking can improve daily decisions and problem solving. Each participant will be asked to read the book Now You’re Thinking! and complete the My Thinking Styles™ assessment prior to the course.  Through a combination of video examples from characters in this nonfiction book, participant self-assessment and discussion, participants will learn the underlying principles of critical thinking and how they can use different thinking styles to achieve better outcomes within their organization. This session is the starting point for bringing critical thinking to an organization.

Through participation in this program, employees will:

  • Learn valuable skills that will help them be more effective in their daily work and in their lives
  • Feel more confident and more in control of their work – when making decisions, solving problems, evaluating opportunities
  • Avoid common mind traps that can derail projects and initiatives
Course Objectives

Participants will:

  • Learn the key components of the 5-step critical thinking model and how to apply each step when faced with an opportunity, problem, or daily decision
  • Understand how seven thinking styles (My Thinking Styles™) relate to effective thinking and how an individual can leverage his/her personal thinking style strengths to be more effective
  • Apply personal thinking style preferences and the 5-step model to decision making
  • Create a plan to incorporate the 5-step critical thinking model into a decision that needs to be made