Critical Thinking Boot Camp

2011_CTBC climberThe Critical Thinking Boot Camp is an intensive, 3-phase development process focused on learning practical skills that will have an IMMEDIATE impact on your bottom line.  While there won’t be any push-ups or sprints, each attendee will be immersed in masters level, vigorous training on critical thinking.  They will be assessed, will work on their real work-related issues and be kept accountable by a coach as well as your management team.  Seventy-four percent of participants say they applied new skills on the job!

“Very strong facilitation! I was impressed by the many tools available and their functionality. Most importantly, the course helps you deal more effectively with real-life business decision-making.”
— Darryl R., VP of sales”

Wow! Being a continuous improvement manager, I was aware of problem solving tools, but the delivery of this course was great! It opened my mind to the ways to use these new techniques.”
— Maryse S., Manager, Continuous Improvement

Good Critical Thinkers Will…
  • Avoid miscalculations and costly errors in judgment
  • Find cost savings that others don’t see
  • Develop successful sales, IT, and operational strategies
  • Make good decisions when time is short
What are the benefits?
  • Demonstrate how improved critical thinking skills lead to more effective problem-solving, well reasoned decisions, improved strategic thinking, and better planning and implementation.
  • Accomplish tangible, business-related work during training
  • Immediately show a return on training dollars invested
  • Build an organizational culture that rewards critical thinking

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Critical Thinking Boot Camp – Executive Briefing: Immediate Return-on-Investment