Succession Planning

The quality of the leadership team is a key differentiator for every organization. Talent management and succession planning ensures that your organization has highly qualified and well-developed leaders in all mission-critical positions, not just today, but tomorrow, next year, and five years from now.

Succession planning is not just for the executives of your organization. It is crucial for your leaders to take proactive steps to plan for the future talent needs at all levels within the organization, to fill the leadership pipeline and to develop a pool of high-potential leaders who are ready now and when mission-critical positions become vacant.

At Executive Development Associates, we partner with our clients to create a customized succession planning program that aligns with your organization’s vision & values and accelerates your strategy execution.

Our Succession Planning program will provide a vehicle to:

  • Identify your organization’s mission-critical positions
  • Establish and utilize a few critical leadership competencies that differentiate success in your business
  • Identify a diverse group of High Potential individuals who have the ability to move up the organization and meet increased scope and complexity demands at the next level
  • Conduct Talent Review sessions to identify and assess potential successors, identify succession gaps, and establish a plan for the professional development of the identified individuals

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