There’s a classic saying among military leaders: The most important six inches on the battlefield are the ones between your ears. In other words, the key to victory lies in one’s decision-making prowess, interpersonal acumen, attentional abilities, and overall mental preparedness. Because such skills enable service members to confront new and complex problems, they refer to this collection of competencies as cognitive readiness. In other words, cognitive readiness is the mental preparation that leaders develop so that they are ready for whatever dynamic, ill-defined, and unpredictable challenges that arise. The US and allied militaries, as well as other government agencies, have spent years developing strategies for rapidly fostering these mental competencies in their personnel, and in 2012 a team of scientists successfully tested a new, research-based program  that achieves this goal.

Training Objectives

This content has never before been available to the corporate sector, but now business leaders can hone their decision-making skills, learn to take more rapid action, anticipate, adapt and be ready to expertly address whatever novel challenges they may face in the future. This training goes beyond traditional critical thinking training—it exponentially multiplies elite leaders’ mental potential.

Cognitive Readiness
Paragon7 accelerates executives’ mental potential so they can successfully confront ill-defined, high-intensity challenges in the complex, dynamic, and often-ambiguous modern business world.

Executive Acuity
Acuity follows readiness. Once leaders are ready for any challenge or situation, then they are open to new insights that will propel them forward by leveraging innovation, intuition, and creativity to shape reality.

Cascaded Impact
Impact occurs when leaders cascade learning throughout their organizations. Paragon7 teaches leaders how to foster their teams’ cognitive capital, as well as implement processes for long-term sustainment.


The Paragon7 training system combines best practices from executive training, crafted for over 30 years by industry leader Executive Development Associates, with cognitive readiness methods and materials refined through the crucible of military training. Cognitive readiness skills are fostered by using state-of-the-art instructional tactics, such as scenario-based learning, as well as individual mentorship, focused feedback, and independent-study resources.

Program participants take part in face-to-face, tailored training that requires minimal time away from their offices.  A 2-day intensive training program comprises the “classroom” training portion of the system. The seminar, led by experts in the field of cognitive readiness, incorporates active participation among attendees which goes well beyond the typical “ice-breaker” or “team-building” games often used in training. Participants discuss, problem-solve, and even lead portions of the training sessions, significantly accelerating their expertise.

Paragonparticipants receive a set of workbooks designed to help them hone their minds, as well as a resource guide that explores the foundational science and real-world application of critical thinking, cognitive readiness, and executive cunning. The book details basic competencies that aid in complex decision-making and uses real-world scenarios for practice, which accelerates expertise.