Critical Thinking Assessments

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

Vital to management and professional positions, the Watson-Glaser measures critical thinking skills that allow an individual to analyze issues, define problems, formulate hypothesis and make decisions. It is ideal to help you make hiring or employee development decisions.

ANRA- Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal

The ANRA evaluates the higher level numerical reasoning and analytical skills necessary for making effective business and financial decisions. The purpose is to evaluate the ability to recognize, understand and apply quantitative reasoning.

SPM- Raven’s Strandard Progressive Matrices

The Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices is a nonverbal assessment tool designed to measure the ability to perceive and think clearly, make meaning out of confusion, and formulate new concepts when faced with novel information. The SPM score indicates a candidate’s potential for success.

APM- Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices

The Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices is used to evaluate success in high-level professional and executive positions that require clear and accurate thinking, problem identification, holistic situation assessment, and monitoring of tentative solutions for consistency with all available information.