High Potential Programs

EDA offers the assessments below to be used as a part of individual or team development process, executive coaching or executive leadership development. EDA offers workshops targeting each assessment and can be customized for EDA clients for team building or developmental purposes.


Assessments allow critical information to be uncovered in a non-threatening way and help to encourage educated, self-driven planning for the ongoing development and growth of individuals and teams.

360-Degree Surveys:

  • Leadership Effectiveness Survey I, II, or III:  These proprietary EDA 360-Degree surveys allow for anonymous and controlled feedback on specific competencies from individuals who work with the participant being assessed.
  • Physician Leadership Effectiveness Survey:  EDA’s proprietary physician LES is tailored to for clinical leadership in hospital and network healthcare facilities. It allows for anonymous and controlled feedback on specific topics from individuals who work with the participant being assessed.
  • Custom 360-Degree Surveys:  EDA can customize a 360-degree survey to fit any organization’s needs or competencies.

Organizational and Departmental Surveys:

  • Organizational and Effectiveness Surveys:  To help your organization become or remain effective, EDA recommends conducting a biennial survey to measure a blend of soft leadership behaviors and hard fundamental business practices. The result of measuring and tracking improvement over time helps ensure a productive and engaged workforce who are aligned with the overall vision and values of the company.
  • Departmental Effectiveness Survey:  Our standard and custom departmental effectiveness surveys target specific departments, attitudes and behavior.  We believe that “what gets measured, gets done.”  By measuring specific departments and behavior for improvement and then implementing an action plan for improvement, we can help your department succeed and achieve its individual and collective goals. Our consultants are highly experienced in selecting and designing the best  tools to use for uncovering the effectiveness of specific departmental areas.

Taking Online Assessments
If you are at this page for the purpose of taking a specific assessment, please click the button below. Taking assessments requires a login and password; please contact us for more information.


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