Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is one of EDA’s Best Practice Solutions that delivers a one-on-one growth and development opportunity and produces real business results in a short period of time. EDA customizes coaching to meet the individual’s specific needs and matches the leader with the most appropriate coach. EDA also strategically links the coaching goals to the organization’s business strategies. Sessions with the individual’s manager or board of directors are worked into the coaching arrangement to assure accountability to the organization’s vision and organizational strategy.

The role of the coach is to help the client maximize performance. We do this by analyzing the leader’s strengths and development opportunities, clarifying goals, developing action plans, addressing new skill needs and eliminating obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Most engagements include:

  • Comprehensive battery of Assessments
  • On-site meetings with key stakeholders
  • Face-to-face feedback session and creation of an Individual Development Plan
  • Meetings with the leader’s manager to share patterns & reporting process
  • Coaching sessions after first initial on-site session (6 or 12 months)
  • Tracking and review of leader progress over time
  • Wrap-up session and final communication with manager or board of directors

Types of Executive Coaching:

  • Coaches for C-Suite Executives
  • CEOs and executives reporting directly to the CEO
  • Senior HR executives
  • High Potential Leaders
  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Heads of Executive/Leadership Development
  • Heads of Talent Management.
  • Coaches for Executives and Leaders all the way down the leadership pipeline.
  • Embedded coaches in internal action learning, high-potential or executive development programs to gain real-time exposure of executives.
  • Coach-the-Coach Internal certifications for internal or external coaches for a specific organization. This ensures that coaching across the organization is aligned with the businesses strategic objectives and the coaches all follow a similar process.
  • Design and coordination of organization-wide executive coaching programs to ensure an effective use of the company’s resources. Coaching levels are assigned with pre-set investment amounts. Coaches are chosen and trained and processes are set for decision-making, tracking and reporting of development metrics.