Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is the combination of creative thinking, strategic thinking, problem solving, and decision-making. Critical Thinking can be learned. Applying critical thinking skills will help one better recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments, and draw conclusions throughout the course of everyday interactions and business dealings.

We may not be able to increase IQ, but leaders can learn skills to enhance their overall critical thinking capabilities. Much like an athlete, critical thinkers can improve and be developed, but it requires effort, practice, and dedication.

Executive Development Associates has collaborated with industry leading researchers and thought partners to develop a suite of programs that strategically build the critical thinking competency. Starting with the top-of-the-house and cascading throughout the organization, we have comprehensive solutions to suit a variety of workgroups and business needs.

Critical Thinking Programs:

Custom Executive Education Critical Thinking Program

Paragon7: Critical Thinking Transcended

Critical Thinking Boot Camp

Think RED Workshop

Critical Thinking University

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