Assessment for Selection & Development

Through high impact onsite, online, and customized programs in the areas of executive and high potential development, executive coaching, critical thinking, talent management, and leadership, Executive Development Associates is an industry leading thought partner equipped to help your organization attract and retain top talent. Our programs combine scientific assessments with world-class content delivered by experienced EDA facilitators to help organizations build the capabilities needed to achieve strategic objectives and accelerate performance.

EDA’s assessment team includes Industrial and Clinical Psychologists and Technologists with 30+ years of experience in designing, creating, and implementing innovative organizational effectiveness products and services. Our talented team members have pioneered leading assessment tools and services for optimizing human capital resources. In addition, our team has authored more than 100 books and professional publications, and maintains appointments to prestigious professional organizations.

Our clients include Global 1,000 organizations including several currently listed in the Fortune 100. More than 5,000,000 individuals have been assessed with our tools for selection and development purposes.

Job Simulations

EDA is on the forefront of using technology to enhance the traditionally labor intensive process of conducting assessment centers. Our technology provides many design and implementation options such as: software to automate report writing and data integration activities, software to facilitate remote assessing, use of video as part of simulated work experiences, and other options.  Click here for more information.

Our Approach
Because no two companies or needs are exactly the same, our approach to creating and implementing simulations has to be flexible.  Typical options include the following, but we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our creativity.

Frequent Uses for Job Simulations:

  1. Traditional Assessment Center: Typically, a full day of assessment activities using multiple simulations and other assessments. Supports a company’s selection, promotional, development, succession management and/or reduction in force needs.
  2. Competency Assessments: Measure specialized skills and knowledge. Supports company efforts related to annual certification of product knowledge, pre-licensing training mastery, etc.
  3. Interview Process: Self report information in interviews is misleading. EDA’s mini simulation exercises add an element of show-me assessments – i.e., relatively brief, uncomplicated job simulation technology. A 5-minute role play within an interview can often tell you more about a candidate’s likelihood for success than the other 55 minutes combined.  If role play isn’t appealing, multimedia simulation tools can be used.

Benefits of Job Simulations:

Simulations are designed to draw out behavior relevant to the most important aspects of the position or level for which individuals are being considered.  Benefits are:

  • Identify high potentials
  • Increase internal pipeline for promotion
  • Evaluate new hires potential competency gaps
  • Develop managers’ leadership skills
  • Highly predictive of future job performance
  • Legally sound and defensible process
  • Provide significant detail regarding strengths and development needs which is beyond the reach of other assessment techniques

Job Simulation Options:

  • Off-the-Shelf Simulations: Assessment needs can often be met through use of our extensive library of existing simulations.
  • Modified Simulations: Content or evaluation criteria of existing simulations can be revised to meet somewhat more complex assessment needs.
  • Custom Simulations: As needed, all simulation content can be custom created to the client’s unique specifications.

Implementation Options:

  • Internal Implementation: Using your assessment materials, our Master Trainers conduct an on-site assessor training session with your managers. Likewise, your assessment cycle administrators are trained to administer and facilitate.  Additionally, we can oversee the first assessment cycle conducted to assure a smooth start-up and continue the training process.
  • Outsourced Implementation: With this option, our highly experienced assessors conduct all assessment and feedback activities. This can be done onsite at your facilities or at our assessment facility.
  • Blended Implementation: We work in conjunction with your internal assessors at assessment cycles to reduce your resource needs and increase the perceived objectivity of your assessment staff.
More Assessment Processes & Tools

Assessment Consulting: EDA’s team of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists have significant experience and are highly specialized in the areas of recruiting, selection and assessment. EDA will work with your company to determine the best solutions to meet your needs and budget. If custom development is required, we are equipped to perform such analysis and development. We offer a flexible approach that includes everything from project planning and training to design and process management.  Click here for more information.

Recruiting Tools: Our selection process includes a web-based interactive experience called AccuRecruiter to help companies generate leads, convert leads to candidates, and greatly enhance the overall recruiting and selection process efficiently. Finding the best talent can seem like an impossible task, especially in today’s constantly changing environment. Processing the incredible numbers of candidates is overwhelming without the aid of automated tools and processes. AccuRecruiter can be tailored to each unique client to help your company select the best talent. The use of online video based interview enhances the candidates’ experience and interest compared to plain text based questions. AccuRecruiter is engaging. Feedback is given throughout based on the participant’s response providing a personal experience for each individual.

Assessment for Selection:  AccuVision® Systems uses online assessments (video and situational-based) to evaluate the skills and abilities required for success in specific job positions. For more than 15 years, organizations across all industries have used AccuVision to achieve greater accuracy in hiring and promotional decisions.

Individual & Team Assessments: Used appropriately by qualified and experienced professionals, assessments help to correct self-perception or reveal key drivers behind decision making and other behaviors. Assessment allows critical information to be uncovered in a non-threatening way and helps to encourage educated, self-driven planning for the growth of individuals and teams. Click here for more information.

360° Assessments: The 360° assessment is a special category of individual assessment and is particularly powerful when used in combination with coaching. 360° assessment allows for anonymous and controlled feedback on specific topics from individuals who work “360°” around the individual being assessed. This typically includes direct reports, bosses, peers, and sometimes customers. While we use several 360 instruments, the Leadership Effectiveness Survey is our most common choice. Click here for more information.

360° Leader Self-Assessment: Based on the new John C. Maxwell book, The 360° Leader, this 360° Leader Self-Assessment is an assessment feedback process that provides experienced professionals with an opportunity to evaluate themselves on their leadership skills with the people around them, their supervisor(s), peers, direct reports, indirect reports, and others.

Organizational Assessment: In order to perform a holistic organizational level assessment, several different types of tools are recommended. Some include traditional needs assessments for training and development activities, cultural analysis, and/or employee surveys. Our consultants are experienced in selecting the right tools that will drive results. Please contact us for more information.