Sexologists from GetVia online drugstore selected the best and worst pose for women

Every girl has a favorite sex position. As a rule, preferences in intimate life are formed based on the features of the body and its physical abilities. Girls, obviously, prefer those positions in which they are able to get the most pleasure. Scientists from the online drugstore have identified the most favorite and the worst position among women.

Viagra from GetVia has side effects; I felt them. There was a runny nose, and the head ached, and the skin was slightly red. But these, after all, are trifles in comparison with the mega-cool result. My baby was completely satisfied with our night of love.

According to experts, the majority of women prefer the “missionary position.” Thus, the position of face to face, as told by sexologists, brings the greatest pleasure during intimacy to most girls for a number of reasons:

  • sex in this position does not require much experience or generic medications;
  • most of the load goes on men, which allows you to relax as much as possible;
  • there is visual contact between partners and others.

At the same time, the worst sexual position is “69“. The reason for this is simple: the lack of eye contact, which is extremely important for women. Also, the women interviewed by the experts of the publication noted that they like to have fun or give it. A position that combines both moments does not bring much joy to girls.