Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards is a C-Suite Advisor with Executive Development Associates. Tom’s 30+ years of leadership experience includes extensive JIT/lean utilization, overseas JV establishment and development, acquisitional analysis and synergy execution, customer development, customer-focused information technology tools, supplier development, building code and standards initiatives, and optimized overall operational restructuring for maximizing returns. Additional experience in turnaround management, restructuring, and multi-country acquisitions with a focus of maximizing value to all stakeholders. Extensive experience in CEO, COO and Board of Director roles – including current active member and a Past-President of the Air Movement and Control Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and leader of several committees, active member of ASHRAE, and AHRI. A U.S. patent holder, a frequent guest speaker, and an active author of many trade journal articles.

Tom’s extensive operational management experience includes proactive product management, developing international operations, distribution development, and aftermarket parts and service organizations. With experience in publicly traded companies, privately-held and private equity ownership, and board of director roles, Tom has achieved excellent results throughout his career by using a combination of fundamental product market/segment driver analysis, motivational methods, financial discipline, operational acumen, and perceptive reasoning skills.

Tom holds an MBA degree from Penn State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in both Materials and Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

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