Sulynn Choong

Sulynn is a Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach with EDA and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She believes strength-based change management founded on positivity and resilience makes the difference to individuals and organisations. Sulynn partners with CEOs of corporations to energise and build positive productive workplaces and works with executives to find a sense of balance through leveraging inner strengths and developing effective strategies for excellence and high performance.

She also supports specialist consulting firms in public relations and organisational development, focusing on behavioural change through cognitive shifts and emotional mastery, to enhance employee engagement and communication.

Sulynn’s lifelong passion is to help people find meaning and fulfilment at work and in their daily lives. She is a certified professional coach who integrates her experience and expertise in human resource development with applications of positive psychology. Her clients value her positive outlook, presence, authenticity and intuitive collaborative style.

Sulynn is at her best telling stories and sharing experiences. She incorrigibly injects fun and laughter into the serious business of self transformation. Sulynn’s recent positive interventions have included clients learning from a customised treasure hunt, a Christmas tea party, balloon blowing, and playing toddlers’ games.

In 2006, Sulynn graduated with the pioneer Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) class from the University of Pennsylvania. She has integrated positive psychology with almost 30 years of diverse local and international management and operations experience in senior leadership positions across various industries, including two decades in business consulting. Sulynn is an accredited practitioner of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, and SHL Occupational Testing. She also administers and applies profiling and measurement tools common in applied positive psychology. Her natural curiosity drives her to regularly explore and test new strength /positive trait profiling tools.

Sulynn founded the Asian Center for Applied Positive Psychology and acts as its Chief Engagement Officer. She is a Charter Member of the International Positive Psychology Association, a Visiting Scholar at University of Pennsylvania, as well as a member of International Coach Federation and International Psychological Type Association. Sulynn serves as a faculty member of Positive Psychology Centre, Singapore.

Sulynn is also a prolific writer, a frequent speaker, an inspiring teacher and mindful event organiser specialising in making applications of positive psychology come alive. She actively develops and facilitates positive living coaching/workshops targeted at people who are seeking self-empowerment strategies to live their Best Possible Life. She also designs character development programs for children and youth.

Sulynn’s research focuses on the nature and nurture of individual positive traits, character strengths and virtues, personality and psychological type, and their behavioural manifestations.


  • Sulynn’s Capstone research paper with K Britton was published in the International Coaching Profession Review, April 2007
  • She is also a co-author of Resilience: How to Navigate Life’s Curves (2009)

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