Robin Sterneck

Robin Sterneck is a seasoned executive and board director who brings 30+ years of business and leadership experience to her keynotes, workshops, roundtables, and best practice coaching sessions through real life storytelling.

Robin’s experience as a Senior Investment Banker and $1 billion P&L Leader at Lehman Brothers and Global Marketing Director and Head of Talent Development at both GE Capital Insurance and Swiss Re arm her with a broad base of firsthand experience and insider knowledge. In 2010 she founded Highland Birch Group, a leadership consulting firm. She also currently serves as President of a successful, family owned wealth management and financial planning firm.

Robin shares her passion for business and the development of leaders through various channels including consulting partnerships, speaking at corporations, academic institutions and conferences, mentoring, and the development of women’s networks. Her proven track record and insights into to the challenges and opportunities in corporate, civic, and not-for-profit boardrooms have driven solid governance, enabled change, and produced mutual wins for countless organizations.

Robin’s ongoing work with more than 50 companies and not-for-profit organizations enable her to simultaneously share time-tested and fresh perspectives with emerging and seasoned leaders in both high performing and transitional organizational cultures. As a business president, co-founder of two major international women’s networks, a global talent developer, and a mentor to scores of professionals, Robin uniquely brings both macro and micro perspectives to the leaders of tomorrow that are looking to advance their careers.

Robin also currently serves as an independent director and chairperson for the board of EPR Properties, a Director for the Alterra Bank Board, and a member of the Advisory Board for BusyEvent Mobile. Additionally, she is both a founding and active member of the Kansas City Chapter of Women Corporate Directors and a Director on the NACD Heartland Chapter Board. She is also a member, speaker, and program facilitator at the Central Exchange, a leading, 30+ year professional women’s organization.

Robin’s expertise and areas of interest include the following:

  • Managing your leadership journey
  • The power of high performing teams
  • Leading sustainable change
  • Work life choices
  • Navigating through the ghost of unconscious bias
  • Empower yourself through mentoring and sponsorship
  • How to avoid mediocre mentorship
  • The win/win of women’s networks
  • Conducting effective difficult conversations
  • The art and gift of formal and informal feedback
  • Networking
  • Thriving in critical leadership competencies
  • Power, politics and alliances
  • Your career and workplace dynamics
  • Making yourself board ready

Over the years, Robin has been recognized for her commitment to her own business teams, to the industries in which she has worked, to her local community, and to rising leaders worldwide. She holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Tulane University and Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Trinity College of Vermont, graduating with High Honors, as well as a Premiere Degre from the Universite de Grenoble, France.

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