Patricia Seemann

Patricia Seemann, MD is a C-Suite Coach with Executive Development Associates. Recognized as a leading expert on the management of corporate intangibles, Dr. Seemann’s provocative approach helps corporate executives recognize and take responsibility for the underlying value of an organization’s non-financial assets, such as human resources, brand/image management, intellectual capital and human resources, among other. Dr. Seemann has more than a decade of experience advising and coaching executives of leading organizations throughout the U.S. and Europe on strategy development and implementation that directly impacts CEO decision making.

Dr. Seemann’s expertise helps executives address the ever-changing dynamics of multi-cultural issues, within the context of the demands and regulatory constraints placed on today’s corporate leaders. Dr. Seemann’s approach is in supporting the role of the chief executive, deploying coaching techniques and practices that are designed to enable the executive to harness a greater understanding of their individual leadership personality to exert the power of leadership within the organization.

Her unconventional “coaching” style incites senior management to identify and dissect the real and perceived obstacles and concerns hindering one’s ability to establish clear strategy and execution for managing those intangibles specific to each organization. Dr. Seemann’s challenging and intellectual style of executive coaching emphasizes the influence of broader, but often taboo corporate issues of power, people and politics in and around the executive suite.

Dr. Patricia Seemann’s coaching philosophy is based on the need for senior executives to take control of governing the value of “intangibles.”

“The critical factors for creating value are the intangibles of the organization, such as the people, the culture, the ability to learn, the agility of the firm, and the way the executive leverages them to deliver on customer and investor promises.”

Prior to founding Sphere Advisors, Dr. Seemann was most recently the key strategic advisor to the Chairman and chief executive officer of Zurich Financial Services, responsible for the organization’s global Group Communications and serving as a member of the Group Management Board. She agreed to work exclusively with Zurich Financial for a dedicated time to manage corporate communications through a period of corporate transformation. In this capacity, she oversaw organizational learning, branding, internal communications, media/public relations and corporate intranet/internet activities.

Prior to joining Zurich Financial, Dr. Seemann founded Group 21, a successful consulting firm focusing on executive development and intellectual capital issues within diverse industry sectors. Dr. Seemann also was a Principal and head of Knowledge Management with Ernst & Young where she was instrumental in working with the team to develop the firm’s successful practice.

Dr. Seemann dedicated the early years of her career to various management roles within the pharmaceutical industry. After earning a doctoral degree in medicine from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, Dr. Seemann pursued four years of training in orthopedic surgery at the State Hospital, St. Gallen Switzerland, and in biomechanics research at the Laboratory for Experimental Surgery in Davos, Switzerland.

Dr. Seemann assumed the position as group product manager with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, responsible for global marketing of diverse pharmaceutical products. She was named to head the Corporate Regulatory Affairs and Scientific Documentation divisions of Ares-Serono Pharmaceuticals for two years. She joined F. Hoffmann-La Roche Pharmaceuticals, responsible for Knowledge Systems, where she pioneered intellectual capital processes to streamline global drug development.

Dr. Seemann is the co-author of Social Capital: Securing Competitive Advantage in the New Economy (2001), and a frequent speaker and lecturer on the New Economy, knowledge management, intellectual capital, organizational restructuring and business strategy, as well as corporate intangibles and board governance. She holds a Canadian citizenship, resides in Switzerland and is fluent in English, German and French.

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