Michael Struth

Michael Struth is Executive Vice President of EDA’s Executive Assessment Group; a boutique consulting firm specializing in top-of-the-house executive development and the development of high potentials into senior leaders.  He has more than three decades experience within the OD consulting industry.  Assessment tools and processes designed and developed by Michael have been used to assess more than 5,000,000 individuals for a variety of applications in the US and internationally.

Michael’s background in assessment spans significant projects with virtually all industries and all organizational levels.  His assessment experience encompasses a wide variety of assessment methodologies, including the following:

  • Interviews
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Assessment Centers
  • Video-based job simulation techniques
  • 360° and 180° Surveys
  • Certification Assessments
  • Job Analysis & Competency Models
  • Validation  Studies

Michael’s expertise has been used to improve organizational performance across a variety of areas.  His key focal areas include the following:

  • Recruiting
  • Selection
  • Development
  • Performance Management
  • Certification
  • Succession Management

In addition to designing generic assessment tools, much of Struth’s experience has focused on designing and implementing customized assessment tools and techniques to meet clients’ needs.  Though he is experienced with a wide variety of job families and functional areas, many of his efforts have focused on the following:

  • General Managers
  • Mid and Front Line Leaders
  • Sales
  • Customer Service

Michael has worked with a very broad spectrum of client from a wide variety of industries.  His experience also includes projects in more than twelve countries.  Representative industries with which Michael has worked include Manufacturing, Financial Services, Transportation, Hospitality, Energy, Retail, and Real Estate.

Representative client’s with whom Michael has worked include the following:

  • Regions Bank
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • General Motors
  • United Parcel Service
  • Darden
  • Sprint
  • Duke Energy
  • Xerox
  • Siemens Corporation
  • Etc.

Michael Struth holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Education and a Master’s of Science in Industrial Psychology.  He has published a number of professional articles and made professional presentations in the area of assessment.  He is also the co-author is the book: Assessing and Perfecting Your Managerial Skills.

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