Kenneth Lewis

Kenneth Lewis is an Executive Coach with Executive Development Associates in Mumbai, India. Kenneth has a consistent ability to create excitement with the clients he works with and within every coaching assignment or training program. He has a passion to help people move forward and make a distinct difference in their lives. He is an expert in creating transferable learning strategies for organizations that are keen to increase productivity, interpersonal connect and performance.

Kenneth was born in Mumbai, India and for over 15+ years he has worked and consulted for corporations in the Telecom, Financial and Media sectors in India and Australia. His customer focus approach guarantees that he first understands the learning need and then sets to design the suitable developmental solutions.

While partnering with senior leadership at organizations, Kenneth’s acumen has helped organizations realize and believe in cutting edge learning strategies, skills and techniques to improve performance. He has always leveraged on his creative ability to design unique developmental interventions.

By using an energized and facilitative approach within the training space Kenneth has enabled participants and clients to feel empowered and expanded. By contextualizing training to the client’s reality has helped them to buy-in to the skills, behaviors and new knowledge they require. Through incorporation of ISD standards, business awareness, learning style theories, pedagogical methods, multiple intelligence facets and flexible learning designs; the participants walk out with many “aha” moments that are sure to change their way of working for the better.

Through a consultative-partner approach, Kenneth has many a times given post training support to participants who proactively connect for self-development and advice through coaching. Also through predetermined post training evaluation activities,

As a facilitator and consultant for the past 5+ years, Kenneth has worked with companies across Industries such as Unilever (HUL and UBL), Royal Dutch Shell, Mahindra Lifespaces, Aegon Religare, ICICI Prudential, Accenture, India (Fitch) Ratings, Viacom 18, UTV, India Today Group, Future Group, Bang-Bang, Bombay Dyeing, LanXess, Merck Pharma, Evotec, Cummins, Vodafone, Credit Suisse, Kotak Mahindra Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, J.P. Morgan, JLT-Paternoster, Edelweiss, VFS Global, Triumph, Kotak Wealth, Commscope, Bajaj Finserve, etc.

Kenneth is an expert in delivering and executing the end-to-end Analyse, Design, Deliver, Implement and Evaluate process (ADDIE). He is an ACC level credentialed coach through ICF. In addition to Training and Development, Kenneth has designed and led other activities such as Culture Transformation projects, Succession Planning, Assessment/Development Centre Design and Delivery, Induction Program design, Organization and Department Restructuring exercise, Management and Leadership Development Programs, etc.

Kenneth has established experience whilst working with “C” level leaders, senior managers to frontline employees. He started his career with a brief stint in the computer sales industry and then moved on to managing functional and soft skills training. In his last corporate job, Kenneth managed the Employee Development team at Hutchison Telecom, Australia. After that he ran his own franchise for training and consultancy under the aegis of Faithfully Yours Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. for a period of one year in Mumbai.

Kenneth has good experience whilst working with people from different areas such as all regions of India, Germany, Japan, Australia, U.S. of America, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, United Kingdom and Sri Lanka. He has a fairly good world-knowledge and has extensively travelled which helps him work with every country and culture.

Professional Qualifications

  •        Bachelors in Engineering, Electronics, PCE&A, Nagpur University
  •        Certified Training Professional, ASTD
  •        Certified Axiologist, Target Training International, USA
  •        Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst (CPBA)
  •        Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA)
  •        Certified on Life Styles Inventory (LSI) and Group Styles Inventory (GSI), HSI UK
  •        Certified on Coaching Skills by Corporate Coach U, USA
  •        Certificate on “Who moved my Cheese”, Spencer Johnson Partners, USA
  •        Professional Project Manager
  •        Certified on “Ignite Leadership Coaching” by The Forton Group, Australia
  •        Certified on “Q4 Leadership” from Psychological Associates, USA
  •        Empaneled as a Facilitator with Hemsley Fraser, UK (A part of the Demos group)
  •        Empaneled as a Facilitator with Schouten Global, Netherlands
  •        Facilitator of choice for Talent Mondial International
  •        Facilitator select with Duke CE (A unit of Duke University)
  •        Applied ACC – ACTP certification (over 100 hrs. of Coach Training and 200+ hrs. Client Coaching)

Kenneth is an expert in Employee Development and has led and been a part of a few Organization Development projects as well. He has also served as executive coach to senior level managers and mid-level managers of various companies.

His hands-on experience in the field of customer service, sales and IT has given him fame as a highly experienced trainer, coach, facilitator and speaker who demonstrates enthusiasm, energy and passion as well as subject expertise.

His accomplishments in Organizational Development work come with the following specialties:

  • Conducting Strategy Sessions for Organizations, Teams for Projects, Culture, Business and Change
  • Diagnosing Organization Culture and Project Managing Constructive Culture enhancements
  • Gender Sensitization and Gender Equity Programs
  • Coaching Executives, entrepreneurs, Senior executives on Business and Personal Growth areas
  • Assisting and advising SMEs for large scale expansion through strategic planning
  • Developing Strategies and Programs for Service Quality Improvement
  • Designing Assessment and Development Centres
  • Project Managing Hi-Pot and Talent Management Programs
  • Designing and Delivering Performance Management Systems
  • Department Structuring
  • Facilitating inter-departmental problems and solutions
  • Facilitating groups to evolve a constructive work culture
  • Designing and delivering Change Management Initiatives
  • 360 degree Manager Effectiveness Design, Delivery and Analysis
  • Organization Climate and satisfaction surveys
  • Creating Competency Mapping Frameworks

Kenneth provides one on one coaching services to people from all walks of life with the intent of helping them realize their potential and create an enriching path for success. In Coaching, by time the assignment is complete, the client gratitude consists of a now customary confession, “ I had the answers and the capability within me all the time, thank you for bring it out” My style consists of allowing my clients to believe that they are powerful beyond measure. It hence requires me to ask thought provoking questions that help the person move from confusion or ambiguity towards exploration, solution and action. It also involves me listening to every single said and unsaid message all the time. I also end up acknowledging/reviewing progress through SMART action plans, thus coaching the client to success.

He believes in facilitating using the positive affirmation and appreciative inquiry technique which he believes delivers larger shifts in accepting, thinking, acting and practicing of new skills, applications and behaviors.

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