JJ Walcutt

Dr. J.J. Walcutt is a scientist, innovator, and learning engineer that specializes in strategic development and reform across education, military, and government. She has just finished working with the largest university system in the U.S. to build a culture of data-informed decision making across the enterprise and with the U.S. Air Force to design a data-driven, interoperable knowledge management and outreach system for modeling and simulation. Dr. Walcutt has also recently completed a one-year sabbatical to tour the nation and study the connections between citizen innovation, government, and politics. On this tour, she traveled to all 50 states, interviewed Americans and experts in major issue areas, and used these data to create a National Readiness Blueprint. Her results have also been published in a full-length book. Prior to her tour, she served in the U.S. Government as the Director of Innovation at the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative under the Office of the Secretary of Defense and as a Human Innovation Fellow under the Office of Personnel Management.

During her tenure in the government, she published two books. The first defined a national education reform plan and the second designed an open innovation model for re-imagining the executive branch. In her role at the Pentagon, Dr. Walcutt focused on promoting the science of learning through her service as a U.S. Delegate to NATO, Partnership for Peace, and as a national and international keynote speaker. In her role as a Human Innovation Fellow, she used the science of human centered design to recommend improved governmental communication structures with the American people to promote innovative problem solving. In this role, she provided keynote speeches nationally regarding innovation across, and transformation of, the federal government.  Dr. Walcutt has over 20 years of experience in research and development for training and education with specific interests in improving educational systems nationwide as well as internationally.