Ian Turner

Ian Turner is an Executive Coach with EDA Asia Pacific based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ian has been providing executive coaching as well as sales and marketing, management, customer service, team building & development, negotiation skills, business soft skills training for both multinational and small companies internationally for 30 years.

Ian holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sales & Marketing Management and Business Development, a member of the International Coach Federation and has owned and established multimillion dollar organizations as a result of his own management ability.

Based in Vietnam for the past sixteen years and having gained a good insight into Asian culture, Ian has personally trained & coached over 17, 000 key staff in the region and has developed a loyal customer base as a result of his experience, understanding of the local business conditions and the effectiveness of his training, coaching and consultancy services.

Ian has also designed and delivered high level Leadership & Managerial corporate programs that include individual coaching throughout the South East Asian region that conform to the learning objectives set down by the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Cambodia.

Ian is an excellent communicator and business coach drawing from an enviable background of sales leadership, corporate and business operations management credentials spanning many years. His highly effective and unique coaching methods have already resulted in increased productivity and efficiency of up to 500% in twelve months for some of his clients in South East Asia. He has the ability to not only pass on the skills and techniques necessary to be successful in business, but also inspire and motivate each participant to achieve their own full potential.
One of the factors that make Ian’s coaching programs unique is his ability to share real life experiences relative to the topics being. Programs are designed to give participants practical ideas, skills and techniques that are proven to be successful and which they can apply immediately into their workplace jobs.

Ian is a very experienced coach & practitioner specializing in providing customized learning solutions for individuals to increase productivity and effectiveness, through performance, personal & leadership development. His approach to individual coaching is practical and results-oriented. It is filled with ideas and skills that are customized to provide a catalyst to dramatic improvement in all areas of human resource performance. Working across all levels of organizations, coaching CEO’s and directors to working & coaching with all levels of management, Ian has designed and conducted coaching programs for key executives from a diverse range of industries including but not limited to hospitality, pharmaceuticals/healthcare, professional services, manufacturing; logistics and FMCG amongst others.

Ian is a fully certified and accredited administrator of the full suite of Team Management Systems psychometric instruments. These instruments help people fulfill human potential in strategic team performance, interpersonal communication skills, and work values, realizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles in the workplace.

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