Gloria Olson

Gloria Olson is a Senior Leadership Consultant for Executive Development Associates who draws from over 20 years of experience as an executive in a high tech company. She brings the perspective of educator, operations manager, human resource executive and organization development consultant to each challenge. Gloria was the architect of numerous corporate-wide development initiatives involving employees at all levels including the CEO and his staff. Gloria has demonstrated her ability to develop and coach leaders, and to personally drive strategic change throughout her career.

Gloria is known for the velocity of the changes she inspires and for her ability to connect and conceptualize and then to make ideas concrete. Gloria inspires innovation and takes it to reality. She synthesizes ideas and makes doable plans. Some highlights of her work follow:

Developing and Coaching Leaders

  • Designed and delivered a strategic workshop to accelerate behavior changes of the top 300 executives leading the implementation of the company’s growth strategy.
  • Defined the global leadership development strategy, approach, and content for each level of leadership.
  • Developed a strategy process which engages leaders in defining their organization’s strategy and an organization design which aligns with that strategy.
  • Coached leaders at all levels regarding their individual growth and in meeting business and organization challenges.

Creating Vision and Strategy and Driving Change

  • When faced with significant budget cuts, created an innovative “ run it like a business” model for the development function.
  • Advised and facilitated senior HR leaders in the re-design of HR. The result was that the company was an early adopter of a business-centered human resource strategy.
  • Provided consulting and coaching for the leadership team during the start-up of a major semiconductor fabrication factory which embraced high involvement of teams.
  • Changed the learning function from a training focus to one of organization and talent development. The change required the re-design of internal roles and the outsourcing of the training catalog.
  • Transformed a primarily manufacturing site in the US to a business and technology center.
  • Developed the talent leadership and talent pipeline strategies which have gained widespread support across the company.
  • Led a business with revenue of $1B annually in moving manufacturing offshore. Successfully set up the HR practices for 2 new manufacturing facilities in China which were approved by local labor boards.

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