Gary Bradt

Gary Bradt is a change and leadership speaker and author who helps organizations turn change and tough times into opportunity. Gary’s twenty-two years of experience in the leadership field makes him uniquely qualified to deliver on this message. He is a clinical psychologist, business owner, leadership consultant, husband and father who has learned to cope with one of the toughest challenges of all, a child’s chronic, life-threatening illness. He has spoken all over the globe for clients like General Electric, American Express, eBay, FedEx, Proctor & Gamble, Fidelity Investments and Bristol-Myers Squibb, to name just a few. For years he was endorsed by Spencer Johnson as the leading speaker worldwide on who moved My Cheese? Ken Blanchard, author of Leading at a Higher Level, describes Gary’s book on leading change as “Beautifully written and full of wisdom, The Ring in the Rubble is a gem.” Gary draws on all of this experience to offer sharp and penetrating insights into how to lead through tough times and find the opportunity within every change.

Gary believes it is important to not only inspire each person attending his talks, but also to give them practical strategies and tactics they can immediately implement for the betterment of themselves and the organizations they serve. Therefore, he never gives the same speech twice. He takes care and pride in directly tying his message to each group’s specific change leadership challenges. He arms every member of his audience with new ideas on how they can take the responsibility of leading change and winning – now.

Speech Synopsis:

The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity. (Based on Gary’s book of the same name, published by McGrawHill). The ring represents the golden opportunity every change creates. The rubble represents the disruption, fear and uncertainty that change often stirs up. Your job as a leader is to find that ring, and lead others to it. In this speech you’ll learn how. Specifically, you’ll be given ten tools, or strategies and tactics for finding opportunity within every change. You will hear inspiring stories and examples of how other leaders have used these tools to turn change and tough times into amazing opportunities. You’ll learn that leadership is an honor and a responsibility to be assumed by each and every member of an organization. Finally, you will be challenged and inspired to take practical steps to better yourself, your organization, and all those you have the opportunity to serve and influence.


Thank you for the absolutely fabulous presentation you did last week. It was more than a home run. I guess the bases were loaded and you hit a home run. They just haven’t stopped talking about the quality of the presentation and the impact of the presentation. Our goal of arming the organization with some practical doable things at the end of the presentation was clearly, clearly well met. -Bristol-Myers Squibb February 2008

I have actually used Gary to work with my teams 3 times…. I have never met anyone that wasn’t touched by Gary’s message and his approach. I actually sent his book to everyone in my family…. I really can’t imagine a group that deals with real life issues daily, that is under tremendous stress and that wants to do a better job wouldn’t love Gary’s message and his delivery. – Harland Clarke February 2008

Gary was one of the best speakers I’ve heard or contracted in my 18 years with NCL. He was outstanding and resonated fully with the audience. We would absolutely like to utilize Gary’s talent at other upcoming meetings. – Norwegian Cruise Lines March 2008

It’s rare that you can take home more than one good point from a one day course, with yours there were too numerous to name. Thank you for a very enjoyable and fulfilling day. –Annie Penn Memorial Hospital May 2008

A ten on a scale of ten. Gary’s presentation had relevant topics that captured the attention of our audience. Very positive response overall from our attendees, and our CEO was exceptionally pleased with the level of professionalism and forethought placed on the session’s contents. – Marine Corps Community Services June 2008

He was an incredible speaker. What I really liked was the actual tools he gave us to use. All too often speakers tell you to do something but not how to do it. It wasn’t just an abstract lecture, but a fun, inspirational, how-to event. Really enjoyed it. – Medical Group Management Association October 2008

Bradt was possibly one of the best speakers I have ever heard. I doubt I will ever forget his presentation. Excellent! – Medical Group Management Association October 2008

Dr. Bradt is an excellent presenter, and his metaphor of the ring in the rubble opened my eyes to situations, present and past. I have used it almost daily with life situations and it has provided me a greater understanding of why things happen as they do, and the purpose behind them. His book is fabulous too. – Alberta Canada Provincial Government October 2008

In short, he was great — perfect for our theme of “Change and Opportunity…” And, for what it’s worth, very approachable and someone who seems like a very good guy. I would strongly recommend him. –AstraZeneca Canada November 2008

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