David Beynon

David Beynon is an Executive Coach with Executive Development Associates, based in New Zealand. David began his career as a school teacher, but after a few years decided to change careers and join the Financial Services industry, initially as an Agent and Agency Leader before moving into Senior Corporate Management roles in a number of UK and International Financial Services companies.

He has worked in Financial Services for over 40 years, including two periods as an Independent Consultant to Banks and Insurance companies in the UK, US, and Europe. He also had a period as advisor to Temasek Holdings (the $250bn Singapore Government Sovereign Fund) on Financial Services Companies acquisitions.

During the last 25 years he has held the roles of CEO, Regional CEO, Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UK (HSBC Financial Services), Singapore (John Hancock International Ltd. and Tokio Marine Life Assurance Singapore Ltd), Jakarta (PT Manulife Financial and PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia) companies.

In addition to being certified as an Executive and Organizational Coach, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management.

He has been based in Asia since 2000, with a total of 8 years in Singapore. In addition to Singapore, he was also responsible for five additional countries: Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, and China, having previously been based in Indonesia for 9 years.

He has received extensive training in individual Executive Selection and Development and has a respected reputation for developing highly effective and successful senior management teams.

He is a sought-after conference and business speaker, and has presented at conferences and to organizations around the globe.

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