Corey Gilmore

Corey Gilmore is the Regional Sales Consultant and Leadership & Transition Center Lead at EDA, Inc. He brings sales experience and a passion for helping others to be fulfilled in life so that we can work to make the biggest positive impact for our clients.

He has worked in a variety of industries from automotive mechanics to corporate insurance sales. His hands-on approach allows him to dig deep into the problems of his customers to help them find a win/win solution for all the parties involved. He has worked on numerous startup business teams, managed various teams of people, and even created some businesses of his own. One is a non-profit men’s fraternity and another being a podcast production agency. In addition to living out the values of EDA, Corey holds himself to the 3 values of Leadership, Collaboration, and Communication, to ensure that every person involved in the opportunities he pursues benefits from them.

Corey has a B.S. in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Missouri – Columbia.