Bonnie Hagemann

Bonnie Hagemann is the CEO of Executive Development Associates, a boutique consulting firm specializing in top-of-the-house executive development and the development of high potentials into senior leaders. Hagemann has over 19 years of experience successfully leading consulting firms through times of rapid growth and acquisitions as well as economic downturn and downsizing, in addition to 26 years of experience coaching, educating and developing leaders.

As a leader, Hagemann drives a visionary culture with high quality, extreme professionalism and a deep compassion for the leaders and organizations EDA serves. Her firm focuses on excellence in both delivery and service, offering to clients some of the best and most authentic consultants in the industry as well as innovative programs in such core leadership areas as Critical Thinking, Cognitive Readiness and Influential Leadership.

Hagemann is a highly sought after Executive Coach for CEOs and C-Suite Leaders, as well as a trusted advisor to members of the board. Her rich, intuitive abilities and understanding of the CEO role deeply compliments the analytical and business capabilities of top-of-the-house executives. She helps leaders see themselves through the eyes of others, breakthrough performance barriers, and establish their senior teams through assessment and development. She works with senior executives in some of the world’s largest organizations, helping them tackle tough leadership issues such as these:

Developing Strong Corporate Leaders

  • Influencing and Managing Internal and External Constituencies: Boss, Peers, Direct Reports, Board of Directors, Regulatory Agencies; Communities; Media
  • Humility/Authenticity: Leadership from a position of self-understanding and leverage of capabilities in service of higher order objectives
  • Developing Talent: Growing, building and sustaining top talent for the current and future business needs
  • Managing Time and Energy: Physical and mental discipline essential to sustain high performance throughout a leader’s career
  • Execution: Orienting leaders toward timely and successful goal achievement
  • Leading in a VUCA Environment: Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • Inspirational Leadership: To ensure engagement, leaders must inspire others to their highest performance level while managing a highly complex and changing marketplace
  • Leading through Change: Starts, stops, adjustments, short-term and long-term transitions. Leading and managing change are inseparable.

Hagemann is a seasoned expert at developing leaders and influencing organizations through her executive coaching, speaking and published works.  With assessment expertise, her high impact development efforts center on developing leaders by gaining an in-depth understanding of each individual, the skills needed to execute the role, the current skills of the leader and the gaps that need to be addressed.  She is known for delivering frank and revealing feedback with compassion and a focus on results.


To date, Hagemann has provided coaching for over 240 leaders in primarily large organizations including 17 high level CEOs. The majority of her coaching clients receive a promotion, a better position and/or an increase in salary during or upon completion of the coaching process.

She has delivered over 300 presentations and speeches on:

  • Influential leadership
  • Trends in executive development
  • Choosing and developing high potentials
  • Generational differences
  • Building cohesive teams
  • Effective communication
  • Working through conflict
  • Understanding behavior

She has 40+ published works including a book on the shifting workforce demographics and their impact on leadership called Decades of Differences, and a book about developing visionary leaders entitled Leading with Vision: The Leader’s Blueprint for Creating a Compelling Vision and Engaging the Workforce.  She leads research initiatives and publishes results in the areas of Trends in Executive Development, Executive Coaching and High Potential Development. She is also called upon as a subject matter expert for the media, including Forbes, Financial Times, Chief Executive, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Career Builder, US Business Review, Human Resource Executive Magazine, Talent Management Magazine, US News and World Report, Investor’s Business Daily, Entrepreneur Magazine and many more.

Prior to leading consulting firms, Hagemann excelled as a Consultant for CPP, Inc. the publisher of the MBTI®, CPI® and other well-known and highly credible assessments.  She led Advertising and Research for an executive career consulting firm, was a career, personal, and crisis counselor for a technology center, and began her career as an English teacher.

Hagemann earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Education and Masters of Education in Counseling. She is a certified qualification instructor for the MBTI®, FIRO-B™ and CPI 260® assessments. In 2016, Bonnie obtained the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program’s “Women on Boards: Succeeding as a Corporate Director” certification. In addition, she holds numerous assessment and development certifications and qualifications.

Bonnie Hagemann speaking at TEDx Overland Park:

What Others Are Saying About Bonnie

“It was a joy to work with Bonnie! She spoke to our audience of over 100 C-suite and senior executives with thoughtfulness, clarity and enthusiasm. During our smaller group sessions Bonnie was perceptive, offering expert advice and facilitating meaningful conversation. She generously shared both strategic and tactical guidance, drawing upon her vast experience in coaching C-suite and developing senior leadership. I especially appreciated how well she illustrated her points with engaging stories and research. I’m still getting thank you notes from the participants.”

– Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson, CEO, Amcham Finland

“Our organization has experienced significant benefits working with Bonnie Hagemann for over 7 years. She has demonstrated considerable expertise in leadership coaching, especially with our most senior executives and clinical leaders. Her coaching style is extremely hands on, direct and insightful all the while maintaining a strategic perspective. Her feedback is always direct, honest, professional and compassionate. Using her skill sets, she allows highly talented leaders to realize their full potential. I have professionally and organizationally benefited from her skill sets and talent in addressing complex and difficult organizational leadership challenges. I would highly recommend her for all executive development and particularly for C-Suite coaching without reservation.”

– Richard A. Anderson, President & CEO, St. Luke’s University Health Network

“Bonnie has not only assisted me greatly with transition into the CEO role of our organization, but also with the various transitions within my senior executive team. Her leadership coaching enabled me to fully appreciate the importance of the leadership decisions we had to make and how we message and energize our team around the changes to the organization that lie ahead. Her coaching style is extremely personal, direct, honest, professional, and compassionate. She has been an incredible “thought partner” for me, always there to give me a lens that is helpful and useful. Today I consider Bonnie not only a friend, but also a truly trusted colleague, a member of my most inner circle, and absolutely the best strategic advisor that a CEO could have.”

– Todd Bastean, President & CEO, Bunge North America

 “I am happy to write a positive recommendation for Bonnie Hagemann. Bonnie is an authority in the field of executive education. I have been impressed with her knowledge of this topic!”

– Marshall Goldsmith, Author, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

 “Bonnie provides an excellent management coaching service. We have used her for internal management effectiveness coaching, 360 analysis and leadership training. She does a great job keeping management accountable and moving in a direction most effective for the organization.”

– Thomas Edwards, Vice President & General ManagerGlobal Air Systems, Johnson Controls

 “Bonnie is an expert in leadership of the very best kind – educated, insightful, experienced, strategic, and thoughtful. Her well-rounded balance of intellectual brilliance and intuitive good sense make her a go-to person for executives and leaders who want to be their best.”

– Jim Kouzes, Author and Lecturer, The Leadership Challenge

“We used Bonnie’s Visioning Program with our executives in the tough Nuclear Power industry. She was able to drive home the why and how for much needed bold and radical change in our risk adverse organization. Bonnie used anecdotes in a way that made it personal for our leaders, getting them invested in creating and communicating a compelling vision. Working with Bonnie was like collaborating with a brilliant friend. She challenged our approach and thinking with simple, easy to understand and actionable blueprints for change.”

– Kim Seymour, Leadership Development Programs Lead
Exelon Generation Talent Management & Organization Development

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