Building Virtual Team Camaraderie

By: Maya Hu-Chan, C-Suite Coach, Executive Development Associates, Inc. How often have you leaned across your desk or paused in an office doorway to ask a colleague a question? Or raised your eyebrows at a team member, during a meeting with a tricky client, in silent, supportive communication? Along with water cooler conversations, these small […]

Doing vs. Being – Leading with Balance

By: Rose Cartolari, Sr. Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Most leaders have a long mental, if not written, “to do” list. With the holidays on the horizon, that list can seem never-ending. But sometimes we are so focused on what we have to do as leaders, we forget about who we have to be as […]

Leadership, Loyalty, and a Leader’s Brand

By: Joe Jordan, Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Does one question really tell it all? If it tells the story for a company, can a similar question tell the story for a company’s leaders? In 2003, Bain Consultant Fred Reicheld reported the singular factor most indicative of customer behavior was loyalty, measured by simply asking, […]

Perception Bias: You’re Not Who You Think You Are

By: Rose Cartolari, Sr. Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Reflecting on my recent work travels, one topic kept jumping out wherever I went.  Perception: how others perceive us and how we can manage it, which is what brought me to write this (hopefully timely) article. How do people perceive you as a leader? Quite well, […]

Building Your Crisis Management Culture

By: Scott Dannemiller, Chief Learning Officer, Executive Development Associates, Inc. If the recent string of cruise ship problems has you changing your vacation plans, you’re not alone. Over the past few years, cruise ships have experienced trouble at sea ranging from power outages to steering problems, not to mention the string of Norovirus outbreaks. The […]

5 Ways to Master Difficult Conversations

By: Rose Cartolari, Sr. Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Many of us will go a long way to avoid conflict, but it is a natural part of work life. My clients estimate that up to 30% of their time is spent dealing with conflicts. In fact, if managed well, conflict can be a source of innovation, […]

Executive Presence: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By: Rose Cartolari, Sr. Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Creating executive presence – how well a person speaks, looks, and acts like a leader – is the big buzz in training circles these days. According to a new study by the Center for Talent Innovation, being perceived as leadership material is essential to being promoted […]

Critical Thinking Starts with an Open Mind

By: Lou Quinto, Leadership Speaker & Executive Coach, Executive Development Associates, Inc. I’ve spent a significant part of my career teaching and coaching executives in the area of critical thinking. A large portion of my work involves introducing formal processes – tools – such as SWOT Analysis, Deviation Analysis, Force Field Analysis, Fish Bone Diagrams, […]

Top Three Tips for Increasing ROI on Feedback

By: Rose Cartolari Most people I know cringe when they hear the words “let me give you some feedback…” or even when they have to give feedback to a team member or an employee. We dread emotionally charged conversations and brace ourselves for it. But, well delivered, valuable and genuine feedback can truly help people […]

Be like Teflon

“Like Teflon…” That is what I say to my executive coaching clients. You have to be like Teflon when others are throwing darts. Just let it slide right off like eggs on a Teflon pan. It’s not easy to do but this is one of the best responses when colleagues, former friends or even family […]