Company E: Transforming an Organization

CONCEPT: Transform the organization from independent business units working autonomously, to “One-Company aligned around the Roadmap (their core business processes) with executives providing inspiring leadership to employees.” A two-week Institute with 3 months in-between the weeks for the top 500 executives in groups of approximately 25.

OBJECTIVES: Develop capabilities needed to grow the business profitably; accelerate the integration of new leaders (from acquisitions) into the company’s vision, values, strategies and processes; create excitement and positive energy and enable participants to create the same in their organizations; and create a cadre of leadership talent that is a competitive advantage


Week One (One Company Aligned Around the Roadmap):

  • Global business trends and strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customers describe what it will take to lead the Industry
  • 360 leadership feedback
  • Custom simulation: running the business using the Roadmap

Week Two (Inspired Leaders, Inspiring Others):

  • The Innovator’s Journey
  • Creating vision and setting direction
  • Creating alignment
  • Setting and living values
  • Developing self and others
  • Leadership challenge lab
  • Custom website for communications and networking

POSTSCRIPT: The CEO recently wrote “I’m pleased that more than 280 of our top leaders have completed the Institute. The Institute has generated the exceptionally positive reactions and I am confident that LI will continue to positively influence our financial performance and competitive position. “World-class leadership development is critical to achieving our vision and sustaining a global leadership position.”