Company D: Multi Rater Assessment & Coaching

CONCEPT: Create a highly customized competency-based 360° assessment for governmental Leadership Institute leveraging internal core competencies and developing future-focused leadership capabilities to pinpoint leader strengths and development opportunities.

OBJECTIVES: Develop leadership competency model incorporating company’s existing high-performance core competencies and identification of differentiating future-focused leadership competencies; Assess company management team via EDA’s sophisticated web-based Talent Solutions technology; identify and develop leadership skills of management team


  • Review existing company high performance core competency model and other salient company documents
  • Collaborate with client company internal leadership development manager to identify key strategic leadership capabilities for future success
  • Developed leadership competency model utilizing EDA’s Talent Solutions leadership competency model
  • Customized leadership competency model uploaded onto EDA’s Talent Solutions web-based system
  • Created customized 360° assessment and reports
  • Coordinated 3 week 360° assessment administration and preparation for coaching debriefings
  • Team of EDA senior coaches delivered 1 day 360° assessment debriefing and coaching to Leadership Institute management team

POSTSCRIPT: Company now has validated leadership competency model and process for assessing and developing high-performing leaders. Company will conduct assessment and development process annually with EDA support.