Company C: Creating a Leadership Institute

CONCEPT: Create a Leadership Institute that solidifies a single corporate identity and engages the top 700 leaders in shaping the strategic agenda. Also, provide an integrated system for developing the leadership and organization capabilities needed to execute the strategy.

OBJECTIVES: Ensure the company has the leadership talent needed to win in the marketplace; shape the strategic agenda and build unity and alignment among the senior leadership team; ensure leaders have the capabilities needed to implement the strategic agenda; and enable the company to achieve its vision of being the premier firm of its kind in the world.


  • Annual Strategy Forum for top 60 executives to shape the strategic agenda, build unity/alignment and the capacity for execution
  • Key Talent Management and Succession process to ensure successful transition of leaders into senior executive positions and develop benchstrength: includes top down mentoring
  • Biannual Senior Leadership Conference for top 700 to build unity/alignment and capacity for execution
  • Integrated family of 3 custom-designed executive education programs for top 700 who attend in groups of 30:
    1. Understanding the Total Enterprise,
    2. Building and Leveraging Critical Organizational Capabilities,
  • Building Key Leadership Capabilities

POSTSCRIPT: The head of the Leadership Institute now reports directly to the CEO. Vision and values have been communicated effectively and senior leaders fully subscribe to it. The top management team all teach in the executive programs.