Company B: Accelerating High Potential Development

CONCEPT: Rapidly accelerate the development of 200 high potential leaders in groups of approximately 65 in a one-year timeframe. A multi-faceted, 6-month leadership development process including individual assessments, executive coaching, classroom activities and Action Learning.

OBJECTIVES: Rapidly accelerate participant’s development; work across organization boundaries on current, critical business challenges; develop capabilities to achieve business goals and meet customer commitments; make leadership talent a competitive advantage; and build a better understanding of the total enterprise.


  • CEO kickoff session with all 200 to communicate importance, objectives, process and create excitement
  • Multiple assessments to identify development goals and plans
  • Each participant matched with an executive coach
  • Six-month structured program in parallel with coaching included:
  • First segment of 5 days: leadership skills development: introduction to action learning projects with sponsors; team-building 6 to 8 action learning teams; training on business planning and project management.
  • Mid-point meeting 3 months later to review progress on learning and project goals, and make mid-course corrections
  • 2 ½ day segment at the end to finalize work and present recommendations to the Top Management team.


Top skills/behaviors improved:

  • Build valuable networks (92%)
  • Be a better coach (84%)
  • Create an environment that produces results (65%)
  • Motivate and develop my staff (62%)
  • Several critical project recommendations were implemented.
  • Many participants received significant promotions