Texas Instruments- Strategic Unity SM


Lockheed Martin – Career Assessment Center Increases ROI


St. Luke’s Hospital and Health Network- CPI Assessment Increases ROI


Company D: Multi Rater Assessment & Coaching

CONCEPT: Create a highly customized competency-based 360° assessment for governmental Leadership Institute leveraging internal core competencies and developing future-focused leadership capabilities to pinpoint leader strengths and development opportunities. OBJECTIVES: Develop leadership competency model incorporating company’s existing high-performance core competencies and identification of differentiating future-focused leadership competencies; Assess company management team via EDA’s sophisticated web-based Talent […]

Company C: Creating a Leadership Institute

CONCEPT: Create a Leadership Institute that solidifies a single corporate identity and engages the top 700 leaders in shaping the strategic agenda. Also, provide an integrated system for developing the leadership and organization capabilities needed to execute the strategy. OBJECTIVES: Ensure the company has the leadership talent needed to win in the marketplace; shape the […]

Company B: Accelerating High Potential Development

CONCEPT: Rapidly accelerate the development of 200 high potential leaders in groups of approximately 65 in a one-year timeframe. A multi-faceted, 6-month leadership development process including individual assessments, executive coaching, classroom activities and Action Learning. OBJECTIVES: Rapidly accelerate participant’s development; work across organization boundaries on current, critical business challenges; develop capabilities to achieve business goals […]

Company E: Transforming an Organization

CONCEPT: Transform the organization from independent business units working autonomously, to “One-Company aligned around the Roadmap (their core business processes) with executives providing inspiring leadership to employees.” A two-week Institute with 3 months in-between the weeks for the top 500 executives in groups of approximately 25. OBJECTIVES: Develop capabilities needed to grow the business profitably; […]

Company A: Accelerating Strategy Execution

CONCEPT: Instead of rolling out a new strategy created by top management through traditional communication processes (speeches, town meetings, videos, etc.), engaged the top 250 executives in a “Creating Our Future” workshop to both improve the strategy and build unity and alignment. OBJECTIVES: Create the best possible strategy; build deep understanding and ownership throughout the […]