Restore your Surge Capacity in the New Year

By: Rose Cartolari, Sr. Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc.   As we regroup after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we often experience feelings of tiredness, fatigue, and stress alongside the happiness and renewal that the new year brings. Referring to this feeling, last week I heard someone say that they felt as […]

Successfully Managing Remote Workers Requires a Return to Basics

By: Lou Quinto, Leadership Speaker & Executive Coach, Executive Development Associates, Inc.   We are eight months into the ramifications of COVID-19’s shelter-in-place and work from home and most business leaders, managers, and supervisors are grappling with “How do I manage a remote workforce to keep everyone engaged?” For many of us who have never managed […]

Personality Type & The Final Flight

By: Saundra Stroope, Sr. Leadership Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc.     Always an avid movie fan, living through a pandemic and quarantine has taken the portion of my leisure time watching movies to an all-time high. This week’s Netflix binge watch was Challenger: The Final Flight. Most of you know the story already. On […]

The Financial Impact of an Effective Company Culture

By: Annette Klososky, Partner & Sr. Leadership Consultant, EDA, Inc. We often believe that cutting costs and maximizing resources will increase your rate of return. However, a further strategy lies in a place that is frequently overlooked: company culture. When calculating ROI, you determine how much revenue an investment produces. The prime investment in your company should be […]

New Energy for a Tired Brand

By: Joe Jordan, Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Brands are like buildings. With the right foundation, ongoing maintenance, and an occasional renovation, both can provide functional value for a long time. The oldest brand in the world is Kongo Gumi, established in 578 AD and family-owned for 1400 years. Dixon Ticonderoga has been making pencils […]

Moving Forward while Staying in Place

By: Rose Cartolari, Sr. Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc.   How the world has changed. Outside, the changing seasons continue to repaint our landscape. Inside, mirroring the foliage, people are itching to push out of their buds, to unfurl into the world. But not yet. Still not possible. Many communities around the world are still […]

HR’s Role in the ‘New Normal’ Digital-Driven Workplace

By: Sattar Bawany, Managing Director, EDA Asia Pacific & C-Suite Master Executive Coach   “Today’s business and human resource leaders face unprecedented challenges operating in a global environment where disruption has impacted in a significant manner the way the world works, as many of us have experienced recently. The current wave of disruption, including the […]

How to Measure ROI for Leadership Development Programs

By: Annette Klososky, Partner & Sr. Leadership Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc.   As constant technological disruption brings all departments and budgets under the proverbial microscope, leadership development programs must have a plan in place to measure impact and to justify bankrolling these efforts. Yet even with this being true, according to an article by […]

Genique Crowder to Join EDA, Inc. Advisory Board

EDA, Inc., a global leader in top-of-the-house leadership development, today announced the addition of Genique Crowder to its advisory board. “I was impressed with Genique Crowder the first time I met her, and she has continued to impress me with her excellence, ingenuity, and success in the field.  I have asked her to join our advisory board to broaden our […]

Leading Effectively in the 4th Revolution

By: Joe Jordan, Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. “Adapt or die.” Billy Beane’s iconic line from the movie Moneyball, captured the motivating force behind the Oakland Athletics revolutionary use of sabermetrics, not talent scouts to select players for their baseball team. With a payroll a fraction of the size of other major league teams, Beane […]