Bill Wiggenhorn to Join Executive Development Associates’ Advisory Board

Executive Development Associates, Inc. (EDA), a global leader in top-of-the-house leadership development, today announced the addition of Bill Wiggenhorn to its advisory board.

“I am very excited and grateful that Bill has agreed to join the EDA Advisory Board.  His expertise in the field, extensive international experience, continuous efforts to advance the state of the industry, and wise counsel will help us ensure that we are conducting the best research and creating the best development opportunities for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, whose challenges are complex and compounded.  Knowing how to prepare them to lead requires bringing together the best, brightest, most experienced, and most innovative in our field.  He will be a great addition to our highly esteemed advisory board.”

– Bonnie Hagemann, CEO
Executive Development Associates

Wiggenhorn has been a consultant to industry, government, and nonprofit sectors, having worked with clients in 60 countries. He served as a senior learning and development executive at Xerox and as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and Cigna and as Senior Vice President and President of Motorola University.  In addition he is a Faculty member for Wharton Executive Education. He currently serves as Principal at Main Captiva, LLC, where he is responsible for custom-designed executive development and talent management strategy, systems, and programs.

Wiggenhorn is widely known for establishing Motorola University (MU) as the benchmark corporate university. While at Motorola, he expanded MU’s international reach to encompass 101 education offices in 24 countries, developed two corporate museums, several corporate customer briefing centers, the archives of the corporation, a university and secondary-education relationship team, and an externally-focused consulting team that worked with key customers and suppliers such as the World Bank, the U.S. Department of Energy Federal Labs, the U.S. Department of Defense, and 40 universities around the world.

In addition to his work in the marketing, engineering, and financial industries, Wiggenhorn has served as a board member for the ASTD Council of Governors, the Educational Testing Service, the Center for Creative Leadership , the Emory University Business School, the University of Tennessee Business School, the Villanova University School of Engineering, the Institute for Work and the Economy at Northern Illinois University, the Rochester Institute of Technology President’s Council, the USA National Commission on Education and the Economy, and Smarter Solutions, an education company focused on improving quality in the work environment.

Wiggenhorn joins current EDA advisory board members James F. Bolt, Yury Boshyk, Ram Charan, George Consolver, Fariborz Ghadar, Vijay Govindarajan, Jim Kouzes, Betty Lau, Val Markos, David B. Peterson, PdD, Chuck Presbury, and Gillian Stamp.