360 Degree Surveys

EDA’s Leadership Effectiveness Survey® (LES) is a 360° multi-rater feedback process providing experienced professionals with an opportunity to receive feedback on their leadership skills and performance from the people around them – their manager(s), peers, subordinates and other groups such as customers. It provides the professional and his/her manager with the insightful, 360 Degree Survey feedback needed for them to develop and succeed.

This survey is designed to assist in professional development. Every aspect of the process is customized to your organization and the core competencies believed to be important to your professional growth and development. When used effectively, the survey will:

  • Encourage candid and honest communication between you and your colleagues
  • Help you identify your professional strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Establish a quantitative baseline that will allow you to assess your progress
  • Give you the opportunity to improve your skills by being more aware of others’ perceptions and observations of your performance
  • Guide your conversations with your colleagues to ensure you remain informed of others’ observations and suggestions
  • Improve engagement and performance

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