Is Conformity Keeping You from Success?

By: Lou Quinto, Leadership Speaker & Executive Coach, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Social conformity is a powerful and hidden motivation that influences our decisions and strategic planning in ways we don’t even realize or understand. It’s called “that’s the way we have always done it.” This is a way of thinking that hinders innovation and […]

Critical Thinking in Turbulent Times

By: Scott Dannemiller, Chief Learning Officer, Executive Development Associates, Inc. My mother is a typical senior in her mid-70’s. Except, instead of sitting on the porch and knitting, she prefers attending big, crowded festivals and twerking with her grandchildren. You know, like most AARP members do. So, it seems only fitting that, for her 50th […]

Bill Wiggenhorn to Join Executive Development Associates’ Advisory Board

Executive Development Associates, Inc. (EDA), a global leader in top-of-the-house leadership development, today announced the addition of Bill Wiggenhorn to its advisory board. “I am very excited and grateful that Bill has agreed to join the EDA Advisory Board.  His expertise in the field, extensive international experience, continuous efforts to advance the state of the […]

Bold & Courageous Leaders Needed

By: Erin Terry, Director of Marketing, Executive Development Associates Have you been fortunate enough to work for leaders who embody courage? What does that look like? How did it make you feel? If put in a similar leadership situation, could you display the same level of courage to lead your team, department, or organization? I […]

How the Holidays Can Help You up Your Inner Game

By: Rose Cartolari, Sr. Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. Winter is a time of hibernation, starkness and, after the busy holiday season, can be a time of reflection. As the New Year sets in, we start to think about the year that has passed and the year ahead. For me, this is the perfect time […]

Onboarding: Just a Fad or a Key Differentiator?

By: Erin Terry, Director of Marketing, Executive Development Associates You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Yet many organizations ranging from start-ups and small businesses to large government entities and multinational corporations have yet to embrace the importance of onboarding as a critical component of their overall organizational culture. Consider these […]

The Art & Practice of Servant Leadership

By: Sattar Bawany, Managing Director, EDA Asia Pacific & C-Suite Master Executive Coach Increasingly, companies are recognizing that leaders who demonstrate high emotional and social intelligence competencies are crucial to their organizational effectiveness. Why? Because ultimately it is the people within the organization – leaders, managers, and individual contributors at all levels – who must […]

The Beauty of Letting Go

By: Rose Cartolari, Sr. Consultant, Executive Development Associates, Inc. I am grateful for Fall. It reminds me of how beautiful letting go can be. Intuitively, we all know that some things we need to let go of. But it’s so much easier said than done, even when we know that we’re holding on to things […]

Lack of Bench Strength

By:  Bonnie Hagemann, CEO, Executive Development Associates, Inc. I like basketball.  I’ve always liked it.  I like playing basketball with my kids, and I like watching it both in person and on TV.  My favorite team is the Oklahoma City Thunder.  I like complaining about how Westbrook is hogging the ball and then cheering like […]

The Impact of Executive Presence on Career Progression

By:  Maya Hu-Chan, C-Suite Coach, Executive Development Associates, Inc. One of my clients (we’ll call her Nancy) missed out on an important promotion recently. She sought feedback from the interview panel and was told the same thing several times. She had a lack of executive presence. This is tough feedback to deal with, because executive […]